Curriculum Second Grade 2013 - 2014

2nd Grade Curriculum and Planning

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We are gearing up to start homeschooling again after a sporadic year of not meeting the goals I set for first grade. While we have settled in nicely here in Arizona, the move left us struggling to finish all of the lessons that we started last June. So, this year, taking into account that we are no longer in a crazy reporting state like NY, we have decided to rewrite the requirements for second grade to accommodate two grades in one. Here is what our schedule looks like for the next six weeks (more on that in a minute):

Second Grade: the First 6 Weeks
Second Grade: the First 6 Weeks

Go ‘head; click on it and see just how crazy I am. No seriously, it looks like a lot but we are good at getting through everything as long as we prepared. And as long as we work together. Speaking of working together, my husband and I started a business with another homeschooling mom and although getting a business started is hard, being here at home is the best thing that happened to our homeschooling family.

Back to the six-week plan that I mentioned above. We have decided to school six-weeks on and two weeks off this year. This way we can set short measurable goals and then revamp accordingly. And because I really wanted to plan ahead, I found that six weeks is a reasonable amount of time in which to complete a full unit. The best thing about all of this is that because my husband loves schedules, he was game to help map this our.

Now about the actual content. My daughter turned seven in April and technically that means she would be in second grade in an institutional school. Well, she is, by skill level very much above grade level. She is doing some third grade math and science and has been reading and understanding chapter books since she was five. For the fun of it, she took a second grade standardized test and scored above average in everything. So I am not worried at all about her being behind. However, because we strayed away from classical education last year (and lived in chaos) we did miss some fundamental. In an effort to ease our minds mine and my husband’s that is, we have decided to slow down and backtrack a little.

Our Six Week Firsecond Grade Curriculum is as follows:

(Our subject spines are listed first followed by supplements. These are mostly affiliate links, so thanks in advance)


World History

American History


Fitness/Physical Education

  • Family Time Fitness – great program for those not quite sure what to cover in Phys Ed. And while you can just get your kids to play sports or run around outside, this teaches the proper way to exercise as well as a host of other lessons. (FTF)

Spelling and Vocabulary

  • All About Spelling – Level 2 –  I love this program. My daughter loves this program. My husband? Not so much! But it works and we will keep using it for as long as it does! (AAS)
  • Wordly Wise 3000 – We do not use the online version of this program because we like workbooks. The link is to purchase the online version.


Foreign Language

  • Rosetta Stone – Spanish Level 1 – On sale now for up to 35% off depending on which bundle you purchase. Best deal ever! (RS-S)
  • Rosetta Stone – Latin Level 1 (RS-L)



We will be using other materials in each category as well, but these are our major books. Now, it may seem ambitious, and I know, our days are packed to the brim, but we work so much better this way. I’m going to share my actual 6-week plan next too.

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