Curriculum Fourth Grade 2015 - 2016

4th Grade Curriculum 2015 – 2016

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Our Six Week Plan We’ve been schooling for six weeks already and I can’t believe that I did not post what we are using yet. If you’ve been following along, you know that we changed how we are doing things again as last year was an epic failure!  To start, I set our homeschooling goals, and then I organized our year. Then, I went through all of the materials that we already own and created a record of them using Book Crawler, as explained by The Ever Scholar. Once I had an idea of what we already owned, I was able to figure out what we were going to use.

Language Arts


Spelling / Vocabulary

  • All About Spelling 3 and 4
  • Wordly Wise: we were going to use this but she has outgrown this program. The words are too easy and we are bored.
  • Vocabulary words from novels and from Fix It: The Nose Tree. She will also be keeping a Vocabulary Notebook.

Grammar and Writing


  • Math Mammoth (2, 3, and 4). We have used so many different math programs, but this one seems to be the most helpful in building her math confidence. She took the placement exam and can skip to level 3 but I think that I am going to test her and see if she can go right to four.
  • We are starting MEP Math 3 with this too as she needs the supplement.
  • Singapore Math
  • Marvel Heroes: Math Made Easy

Science and Technology

  • Further exploration of Prehistory Curriculum that I created (not ready to share yet)
  • Tinker Crate
  • Minecraft Coding
  • Web Design

Social Studies

Art and Music


  • Minimus Level 1
  • Rosetta Stone Latin

Physical Education

  • Basketball
  • Sports Club
  • EA Active and Wii Fit

3 replies on “4th Grade Curriculum 2015 – 2016”

Revolutionary greetings Sis,
Hope you, hubby and tornado are well!
Thank you for being a bad-ass mommy. Please never call yourself a “failure” you are anything BUT that. You have helped to inspire me to face my fears about not being capable of homeschooling my little girl – Nani. I am really scrambling in the dark here but, I am determined to give it my best shot. Would you be able to recommend some sources for affordable hands-on 6th grade ELA curriculum? I haven’t seen culturally relevant curriculum for 6th graders. I loved the interactive writing journals but, would greatly appreciate any leads on book lists. I purchased the 6th grade Complete Curriculum which, was incredibly affordable but, not very “vibrant” or, culturally sound.
Continued Success

Hi Viviana. Thanks for the kind words. They are much needed and appreciated. It’s so hard to know if we are doing the right thing and even when we are convinced that we are, it is so hard to know if we are doing it well.

As for the ELA curriculum, the best way I have found is to not use a pre-made/boxed curriculum. Rather, based on your child’s reading level, just choose some novels (2), short stories, advanced picture books, and poems. I will compile a list of my recommendations and skills that I think children need to learn to be “good readers” and write a post. Give me a day or two, OK?

Good luck to you!

Hi Kristina,
Thanks for your blog and this post. I would like to ask if you have any recommendations for culturally relevant book sources. My Nani is a “6th grader” and we have commenced this Homeschooling journey this month. I am unable to buy text-book curriculum right now. But Found An Affordable one: Complete Curriculum via the EduCents site. The ELA Curriculum is a little dry and culturally tone-deaf. I want to spicentral it up with culturally, age-appropriate books. Any advice?

Pressin’ on,
Viviana Aka AfroLatina

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