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8th Grade Curriculum 2019 – 2020

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We’ve ramped things up over the last two years with a more vigorous curriculum. Despite my desire to not replicate school at home, my child is at their best when they have a schedule and enough work to keep them busy. Gerg panics when left to their own devices and would choose to stay in bed playing video games all day. Unfortunately, that is not the most valued or productive skill when being a self-starter is an asset.

We are using for blogging and writing practice; Google Classroom, and Telegram Messaging App.

ELA and History

We are using a modified version of the Match Fishtank 8th Grade Curriculum.


Various poems, articles, websites, short stories, and more.


  • Saxon Math 8/7
  • Saxon Algebra 1

Science and Technology

Life Skills

  • Foundations of Personal Finance by Dave Ramsey (Homeschool, Middle School Edition)
  • Cooking.


  • Art via Skillshare
  • Roller Derby
  • Creative Writing via Masterclass and Skillshare
Image showing orange and blue illustrations of books. Above them are the words 8th Grade Curriculum 2019 - 2020