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A Science Kid Experiment: Freezing and Melting

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When it comes to Homeschooling it is necessary to admit your strengths and weaknesses. I am not strong in math, and while science is interesting, I am not that great when it comes to that either. However, I am creative and I love to learn- two traits that helps significantly when it comes to creating lessons and activities to do with my daughter. It also helps to have resources like Sid the Science Kid, a PBS show focusing on science exploration and research. The lesson/activity that follows was inspired by the Frozen Fruit investigation episode. This is a four day exploratory activity.

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What We will Learn: What are the reversible changes of melting and freezing? How do different liquids change when they are frozen and melted?

Materials Needed Day 1:

  • 1 ice cube tray
  • pitcher or cups of water
  • Exploration Notebook (we use a wire bound cork sketch book)
  • vocabulary sheet
  • crayons and pencils

Materials Day 2:

  • Everything from above
  • a bowl
  • 4-6 different liquids (we used milk, juice, olive oil, olive oil and water, bubbles)
  • Hot water

Day One

  • Explore the concept of “LIQUID” and examine the water in the containers or cups.
    • “  “When something is in liquid form, it takes on the shape of its container. Water is a liquid.”
  • Allow child to draw ice trays, water in container, etc. in Exploration notebook.
  • Help child pour water into the ice tray. You do not have to fill them. If you want, add fruit to each as done by Sid’s teacher.
  • Allow child to draw what he/she observes.
  • Put ice tray in the freezer and ask child what he/she predicts will happen.

Day Two

  • Pull the ice tray out of the freezer and allow child to touch it being sure to ask what he/she observes.
  • Ask child to compare what you have now to what you had yesterday..
  • Allow him/her to draw observations in Notebook.
  • Pop ice out of tray and place in bowl.  Ask child what he/she sees and have him her record observation.
  • Ask child to help you define frozen.
    • congealed by cold; turned into ice
  • Ask child what he/she predicts will happen if we pour hot water on ice cubes?
  • After he/she answers help pour the hot water. Encourage child to state observations and to draw them in notebook.
  • Let child touch (be sure it is cool) in the different stages. Ask child to compare what you started with today to what you have now.
  • Ask child to help you define melting:
    • to change from a solid to a liquid state, generally by heat

For Day Three and Four: repeat day one and two using the other liquids. Compare and Contrast the results and be sure to record in Notebook.