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8th Grade Curriculum 2019 – 2020

We’ve ramped things up over the last two years with a more vigorous curriculum. Despite my desire to not replicate school at home, my child is at their best when they have a schedule and enough work to keep them busy. Gerg panics when left to their own devices and would choose to stay in […]

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The Accidental Book: Civil Rights Then and Now: A Timeline of the Fight for Equality in America

What began as an attempt to write a series of lesson plans for the ended with a full-on book for children and parents who are interested in learning and discussing about racism in this county. This two-year journey has taken me on a heartbreaking trip through hurt, anger, sadness, and often hopelessness and I […]


Sixth-Grade Recap

We’ve had a pretty busy sixth-grade year of homeschooling and it’s not over yet. In fact, won’t be done with sixth-grade until mid-October. However, we are starting a few 7th Grade activities, so I wanted to recap the year. “The only true law is that which leads to freedom,” Jonathan said. “There is no other.” […]

Curriculum Sixth Grade 2017 -2018

6th Grade Curriculum 2017 – 2018

Yikes! This is way overdue, but we’ve had so much going on this year. I went back to work full-time for Automattic Inc., the company behind, Jetpack, WooCommerce and more. As expected, my contract with GameTruck was not renewed when they decided to go with an agency for their social media needs. For the […]

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10 Black Women Pioneers You Should Know

Looking for a different activity for your children this Black History Month? I recently wrote a lesson for WooJr, an amazing resource for educators and parents alike, that takes a look at a very different group of women in history. Titled “10 Black Women Pioneers to Know for Black History Month” this lesson provides an […]


Challenging Ourselves to Challenge Our Children

Sometimes we forget to challenge our children when we homeschool. Unlike the more common form of schooling, homeschooling affords us the opportunity to take things slowly. We can reassess methods as necessary, and because we have more time to do so, we do not have to rush to get through the material. It is much […]