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Homeschooling STEM

If You Give a Kid an Abacus, She’ll Want to Count

Those who know me are aware of the fact that I lack confidence when it comes to math. I would rather watch reality television than engage in addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication. When we agreed to embark upon this homeschooling journey it was with the understanding that my husband would take on the math part […]

Homeschooling Kindergarten 2011 -2012

We Begin with Kindergarten

That’s not really true. We have been homeschooling since Thr Gerg was 2.5 although we called parenting. This past year (albeit very sporadically) we used the Calvert curriculum (PreK) level mixed with a lot of stuff that I created and some fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants ingenuity. We have been trying to find our footing, but with big changes […]