Blogging Challenge

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You’re going to spend the next six weeks writing content and developing a plan for your blog. It’s important for you to complete each task thoroughly so that you learn how powerful blogging can be!

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5| Week 6

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How will this work?

Each week, you will have several tasks to complete. They will be actionable items as well as learn-ups. By the end of the six-week challenge you will have almost thirty-days worth of content for your blog. 🙂

Week One

  • Watch “What is a Blog?” While you may think you know what it is, it’s important that you fully understand. You will want to watch the whole video.
  • You already have a blog but for this assignment I want you to start from scratch. Think about what you want the title of your site to be and what you will want your site to be about. There are no right and wrong answers for this and it is up to you. Read this for help in naming your blog and this one too.
    • Log into your account and create a new site. I have given you 99 credits.
    • Choose a “Premium” plan and register a new domain name.
    • Once you have done this, choose a Premium Theme and set it up to look like the demo by following the Setup Guide.
    • If you need help, use the Support Documentation or ask for help via Live Chat by clicking the question mark in the bottom left of the Dashboard.