Family Reading List

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This is more of a “want to read” list and contains affiliate lists.

Historical Novels

Short Stories

KEY: Mythic Voices (MV) | Nextext Specialized Anthologies: Mythology 2000 (CWM) | THE BIBLE AS/IN LITERATURE ANTHOLOGY (Points of Departure) (TBL) | Patterns in Literature (PIL) | Discovering Fiction Student’s Book 1: A Reader of American Short Stories (DF) | What Your Third Grader Needs to Know (WYTG) | What Your Second Grader Needs to Know (WYSG)

  • “The Trojan War” (MV p. 120)
  • “Beowulf” (MV p. 82)
  • “Coyote and the Fish Dam by Celia Barker (MV p. 54)
  • “Creation: The Nine Worlds” (CWM p. 47)
  • “Creation: Heaven and Earth” (TBL p. 3)
  • “Spider Woman” (CWM p. 40)
  • “Anansi Gives Nyame a Child’
  • “How Shiva Got His Blue Throat” (CWM p. 74)
  • Courlander (MV p. 57)
  • “Theseus and the Minotaur” by Favin O’Rabilly (MV p. 99)
  • “Windigo” by Herbet T. Schwarz ( MV p. 96)
  • “The Legend of Iroquois Falls” by Mabel Burkholder (MV p, 155)
  • “Quetzalcoatl” (CWM p. 76)
  • “The Man Who Married a Star” (CWM p. 82)
  • “The Toad Bridegroom” (CWM p. 165)
  • “The Taming of the Sun” (CWM p. 284)
  • “Frog and his Two Wives” (CWM p. 162)
  • “A Wolf and Little Daughter and Ole Gally Mander” (CWM p. 198)
  • “The Two Hunchbacks” (CWM p. 306
  • “A Secret for Two” by Quentin Reynolds (DF p. 46)
  • “The Bracelet” by Yoshiko Uchida (DF p. 28)
  • “Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen” by O. Henry (DF p. 70)
  • “The Fun the Had” by Issac Asimov (DF p. 88)
  • “You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine” by William Saroyan (DF p. 118)
  • “The Speckled Band” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (PIL p. 332)
  • “The Magic Shop” by H. G. Wells (PIL p. 348)
  • “Camford Cottage” by Michael Gilbert (PIL p. 305)
  • “Paul Bunyan” (WYTG p. 51)
  • “Pecos Bill” (WYSG p. 52)
  • “John Henry” (WYSG p. 54)
  • “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” (WYTG p. 25)
  • “The Hunting of the Great Bear” (WYTG p. 29)
  • “William Tell” (WYTG p. 39)

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