The Accidental Book: Civil Rights Then and Now: A Timeline of the Fight for Equality in America

What began as an attempt to write a series of lesson plans for the ended with a full-on book for children and parents who are interested in learning and discussing about racism in this county. This two-year journey has taken me on a heartbreaking trip through hurt, anger, sadness, and often hoplessness and IContinue reading “The Accidental Book: Civil Rights Then and Now: A Timeline of the Fight for Equality in America”

10 Black Women Pioneers You Should Know

Looking for a different activity for your children this Black History Month? I recently wrote a lesson for WooJr, an amazing resource for educators and parents alike, that takes a look at a very different group of women in history. Titled “10 Black Women Pioneers to Know for Black History Month” this lesson provides anContinue reading “10 Black Women Pioneers You Should Know”

First Americans on Amazon Prime

First Americans are those many people call Native Americans. We say First Americans because they were the first inhabitants of the land now known as America. The term is less confusing because anyone who is born here is actually Native American. First Americans is a less ambiguous term and pays homage to the fact thatContinue reading “First Americans on Amazon Prime”

World History: Ancient Mesopotamia

We’re about to begin our second week of World History, a unit created for our second block of homeschooling 4th grade. I wanted to share what we are doing and plan to share our progress along the way. Of course, this is designed for my 4th grader, but you can tweak it as needed forContinue reading “World History: Ancient Mesopotamia”

Secular Activities for Teaching Pre-History

Pre-History is the study of the world before there was written language/documentation. By its most basic definition, it is secular – although I have seen some religious bloggers use religion to teach PreHistory. However, because we teach from an evolutionary point of view, it was important that not only do we focus on Pre-History for a fullContinue reading “Secular Activities for Teaching Pre-History”

A Very Delayed Post About Homemade Wampum Beads

We began studying World and American History  in September with an introduction to early civilizations and early means of trade. Specifically, we talked about the Iroquois American Indian tribe and their use of the Wampum Bead as a method for trade. Then we made our own homemade version. Here’s how: Recipe 2 c. flour 1 c. saltContinue reading “A Very Delayed Post About Homemade Wampum Beads”