Step By Step: Building a Volcano

We are learning all about PreHistory and I’ve decided to include as many activities as possible because I love arts and crafts. The Tornado was very interested in how volcanoes formed land, so after watching a short movie about volcanoes on BrainPop, I thought it would be a great idea to build a working volcano. ItContinue reading “Step By Step: Building a Volcano”

The Fight for Troy Davis is a Fight for the Soul of the United States of America

The Troy Davis case has awakened this site. Deneene Milner over at My Brown Baby wrote eloquently about her views on the Death Penalty saying: But then my brain takes over when I consider America’s dark history of lynching, mutilating and murdering African American fathers, sons, mothers and daughters—all-too-many times for no other reason thanContinue reading “The Fight for Troy Davis is a Fight for the Soul of the United States of America”

A Modern Day Treasure Hunt Learning Experience

I heard about geocaching a while back from another homeschooler with whom I am somewhat familiar. He mentioned that he and his family were very much into this treasure hunting activity but I wrote it off as it was the middle of winter and sounded like something only very eccentric people did for fun. OK,Continue reading “A Modern Day Treasure Hunt Learning Experience”