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There is so much to update here. So much! I promise to do so soon.I designed this along with about 3 more pages to help keep my daughter busy while I was working and cooking during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Circle Butterflies

So why the complicated design? We have looked at complex shapes and experimenting with color and distance using color. I wanted The Tornado to have designs that were a little more complicated and required a little more thought when it came to coloring.  How can you use these?

  1. Color the background design in cool colors and the  foreground design in warm colors.
  2. Make a Primary Colors only painting.
  3. Use 2 primary colors  in the background and then mix those colors in the foreground.
  4. Ink using black pens, pencils. or marker

Download Here

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  1. Just what I needed right now. My kids are feeling so crafty nowadays, they want to color, paint, make necklaces of beads, bla bla bla – My daughter is gonna’ love this. Thanks for the coloring tips!

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