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Dance Scholarship Giveaway (from Wisharoo Park) CLOSED

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I promise after this giveaway, I’ll get to posting about homeschooling! But this one is really good.

Do you have a dancer in the family? A little boy or girl who loves ballet and/or tap? Then this is the giveaway for you!

Simply leave a comment here telling me how you keep your child active and this could be yours. On September 1 I will randomly choose a winner of this great prize pack. You will receive the following:

  • One Pair Capezio Daisy ballet Shoes.  Retail Value: $18.00
  • One Pair Capezio Jr. Tyette Tap Shoes.  Retail Value: $25.00
  • One Capezio Logo Drawstring Backpack.  Retail Value: $8.50
  • One Limited Edition Do the Duckle Commemorative T-Shirt.  Retail Value:  $12.99
  • One Wisharoo Park 2-Disc 13 Episode DVD Set.   Retail Value:  $19.99
  • Six Wisharoo Park Wish Star finger puppets.  Retail Value: 19.98
But that’s not all.
You can also enter for a chance to win one of twenty Capezio and Wisharoo Prize packages or one of five $500 Dance Scholarships in the  Duckle Dance Sweepstakes Presented by Capezio and Wisharoo Park, open now through September 1st, 2011 for video submissions.  It presents countless opportunities for preschool dancers’ Duckle Dance videos to spiral out over the Internet as the next viral video stars.  In keeping with Wisharoo Park’s mission, the promotion is intended to encourage children to ‘get moving’ and help them build confidence and self-esteem, encourage innovation, and above all have fun!

So what is the Duckle Dance?  It’s a little bit of ballet, a little bit of tap, and a whole lot of whatever you want it to be but, most importantly, its moving and grooving family fun for all!   Check it out yourself by viewing the Duckle Dance promotional video at!  Don’t let the smooth moves and solid steps by the video’s dancers intimidate though as they are trained pros!

OK, How do you enter?

Simply check out the Duckle Dance video below (be sure to watch with your child), then video tape your child doing his/her version of the dance. You can submit a YouTube or a Facebook video if your child. Full Official Rules for the sweepstakes are posted at

Additional information:

Wisharoo Park is dedicated to promoting positive self-image and self-esteem in preschool age children. It was originally introduced by airing as a children’s TV series on PBS stations across the country and is now rolling out as a dynamic multimedia program which includes the interactive website, DVDs and more! .

Unique among preschool programs, Wisharoo Park is designed to help children age 3 – 6 recognize and appreciate their individuality. With its groundbreaking technology-based curriculum, Wisharoo Park helps children discover and understand their personal strengths and put them on the road to developing greater self-esteem.  The enchanting online community stars a whimsical cast of loveable animated, puppet and human characters who are featured in games, videos, music and more!  Each week exciting new activities and content are added that are sure to keep parents and their kids coming back again and again.

Wisharoo Park is proud to partner with Capezio.  Dedicated to the art of dance since 1887, Capezio revolutionized the dance world with dancewear and footwear products for every dancer from beginner to professional. Capezio operates retail stores carrying the full lines of all Capezio/Ballet Maker Inc. brands in New York City and several major cities nationwide. For more information, visit


Disclosure: I received one of the gift-packs above for my own and one is being held for the winner of my blog-hosted giveaway. I am not affiliated with the Duckle Dance Competition and do not have control ove who wins or what is done with video sumissions.

19 replies on “Dance Scholarship Giveaway (from Wisharoo Park) CLOSED”

I keep my kids active by taking them to the park and getting up and dancing with them. We even had a dance party in our livingroom last night. shannonforpeace at gmail dot com

What a great giveaway for a little boy or girl. I live in CT so with our boys we are always running around outside with our two pups. It keeps us active and is helping me get my pre-pregnancy weight.

Okay, I loved taking tap lessons as a child, and I hope my daughter will someday as well! My 22 month old has plenty of energy, and we stay active by taking walks, practicing jumping (a favorite) and throwing balls back and forth. She may be a future softball player, we’ll see. Thanks!

My girls keep me active by running them to swim team practice four days a week. Combine this with running one of them to gymnastics and the other to dance class weekly. At age 7, my youngest had to forgo dance for double gymanstics classes due to her goal of competiting. My oldest, age 9, has doubled up on dance class this year… tap, jazz, and ballet combo followed by an intensive hour of ballet due to her goal of dancing on pointe. And when we not running to all these activities, we can all be found in our pool because you just can swim enough!

My girls stay active by taking dance classes. They both take ballet and jazz. My youngest tajes a tap jazz! This prize pack would be perfect for the girls. One needs tap shoes and the other ballet.

I keep my children active with a big trampoline in the backyard. We also encourage biking to school, and shutting off everything electronic! When the options are helping with the house or going to get some exercise they usually all disappear. : )

I normally keep my little princess active by spending lots of time outside, on rainy days (like today) when we are stuck in the house it’s lots of playing with toys and either making music or listening followed by lots of running around, dancing and Hide and seek!
Nicole Hatch

That’s great! We homeschool and try to ensure that we get out of the house at least 3 days a week when the weather is bad and more when it is nice. My daughter loves music, dancing, and hide & seek too.

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