In Defense Against Bullies

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Eight and Great.The Tornado turned eight on Sunday and we celebrated with a party on Monday. It was a small get together of nine children and five adults that lasted from 2:00 PM to 8:15 PM. There was food, a splash zone, and a park with slides, monkey bars, and swings. And there was a bully. Here is the story as told by my daughter:

The Tornado: Mommy, there was a mean girl at the park. She tried to bully me.

Me: I’m sorry honey. Was it one of the guests at the party?

The Tornado: No. It was another girl. We were trying to figure out what to play and I asked if they would let me choose because it was my birthday and she said, ‘so, who cares?’ She was mean.

Me: I’m sorry that happened. What did you say?

The Tornado: Nothing. My friends stood up for me and told her that she was being mean and rude. It’s hard to be bullied when you have friends who stick together.

Me: So true!

The Tornado has always stood firm against bullies. She stands up for other children at the park even when she doesn’t know them and it makes us proud. But since moving to Arizona and feeling a bit displaced, I’ve often wondered if she was missing out on developing lasting friendships. That is totally my own issue though, not hers. However, this story has made me so happy. She has learned what it means to be a friend and she has learned that it takes support to take down a meanie! I am very happy.