Download The World is Our Classroom Planner for free (limited offer)

The first run of The World is Our Classroom is available for download at the new website It’s free for the first 20 customers and then it will go on sale for $15.00. Head over and get yours now!

Published by Kristina Brooke

My name is Kristina, mom to The Tornado and wife to Andrew. I am a former English teacher who left the traditional classroom to focus on teaching my daughter. I am a web and graphic designer, social media consultant, constant fan of the underdog, and political junkie. I am a vocal atheist and approach everything I do with a high level of questioning and research. Read more about us.

One thought on “Download The World is Our Classroom Planner for free (limited offer)

  1. I tried to download it but it said page not found after I checked out and then hit download. Then when I tried again it said I had reached my limit for the number of download’s and I never received it. What am I doing wrong?

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