ELA Interactive Notebooks: A Photo Post

ELA Interactive Notebooks

ELA Interactive Notebooks are my favorite. We use interactive notebooking for every subject as it helps with note taking and reviewing. While most combine Reading and Language into one notebook, we have actually divided it into THREE.

We use:

  • a Literature Notebook (for teaching how to critique and analyze literature)
  • a Reading Notebook for exploring the habits of good readers
  • and a Language Notebook for grammar


Here are some highlights of our books. I use elements of notebooking templates that I purchased from Teacher’s Pay Teachers. My favorites are Nicole Shelby’s 3rd and 4th Grade Interactive Reading Notebooks, Lovin Lit’s Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks, and Tangstar Science’s Interactive Notebook Templates.


ELA Interactive Notebooks: Language

ELA Interactive Notebooks Language

ELA Interactive Notebooks: Reading

ELA Interactive Notebooks: Genres

ELA Interactive Notebooks Recounting Stories

ELA Interactive Notebooks Characters

ELA Interactive Notebooks Literature Story Vocabulary

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