Planning First Grade Curriculum 2012-2013


We started first grade on June 1 although we are still working our way through some Kindergarten-level things, specifically Reception Year of the MEP curriculum and All About Spelling Level 1. Here is our by-no-means comprehensive list of what we are using for First Grade.


  • The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading: (Daily) – While Mya knows how to read and is pretty comfortable with phonetic sounds, I wanted to teach her a bit more of the rules. This not only has great ways to remember the different sounds, but it also features fact about how one makes the sounds with or without his/her tongue. I probably should have used this last year but I don’t think she would have enjoyed it at all.
  • Five in a Row: I like this because of the book selections but I will not being using all of the activity suggestions given. Mya get’s bored of the books if we do 5 days in a row, but she enjoys the art and geography suggestions.

Undecided tools:

  • Explode the Code
  • Beyond the Code


  • Progressive Phonics: Love the way these are set up and will continue to use them for reinforcement.
  • Various Read-alouds.


  • All About Spelling Level 2: (Daily) – We both really enjoyed using AAS last year and we will continue to to use this one daily.


  • Spelling City
  • Spell Board (iPad app)


  • The Complete Writer: Writing with Ease: (Daily) – We started this last year but Mya wasn’t ready for it and it really didn’t go well. However, this year she is really enjoying it so far.
  • Various Copywork and guided writing exercises.


Undecided tools:

  • Grow with Grammar
  • Write Source



  • Math Board (iPad app)


  • Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History: I really can’t find a history curriculum that I like and Story of the World comes from too much of a Christan perspective for me. So we will use this encyclopedia and various historical fiction and non-fiction books for children.




  • Meet the Masters: This will introduce us all to the greats and provide more formal art instruction.

Foreign Language

Muzzy, the Language Course for Children (BBC): We have had this since she was about 2 but never used it formally. This isn’t to say that it has not been watched. These DVDs are in her top 10 favorites. We will use the Spanish program.

Song School Latin to introduce the whole family to Latin. We started this last year but after some rethinking, I decided that we had too much on our plate. We made it through Chapter 3 and then stopped. However, Mya has all of the songs on her iPod Touch and knows them all by heart.



I started teaching Mya sign language when she was a baby so she already knows basic words like “milk,” “thank you,” and “help.” She pretty good at Fingerspelling as well so we are adding American Sign Language to our learning box as well.

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