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Have Fun Teaching (but only if you are Christian)

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I heard about Have Fun Teaching [link withheld on purpose] from a friend who assured me that it was a secular program and was excited when I noticed on their Facebook Page that they were running a 70% Discount on all products. As I perused the site quickly, I loved what they had to offer and quickly ordered an entire set for a little over $33. I was excited as from the songs I listened to on the site, there was so much that I could use.

When I received the program, I quickly opened all of the CDs and DVD to listen to them and begin planning my lessons around them. My husband looked at the back of the Science Songs CD and noticed that there was a song entitled “Creationism.”

I was shocked as I had been told they were secular and had found no evidence of this being a christian program. No where in the description of the CD does it say that it includes Creationism (see phot0 to left) and while there is a list of the songs on that page, I read the description, played the first two songs and called it a day (a mistake I will NEVER make again). Even more I was bothered by the fact that this was included as “Science.” Still I liked what the program had to offer minus this one song (and the image of “Pray” on one of the worsksheets) and figured that I could just ignore this. However, I wanted to let the creator know how I felt about this issue.

Yesterday morning I posted on the Have Fun Teaching Facebook Page and was shocked and appalled by his response. I will not post a link to his Facebook Page as I do not want to direct traffic to his business at all. Instead I have screenshots of the entire conversation below (click each image to read in full size).

I can only conclude two things from this conversation: (1) he is not interested in constructive criticism of his material (2) he is only concerned with the feelings of those who choose his path. And that is fine! I know this now. The argument between religious and non-religious will always be one of futility. However, from a business perspective not only were his responses unprofessional, they are laced with unchristian-like judgement (**eyeroll**). I was originally planning to recommend his material anyway because I thought that they could be useful to homeschooling families, but after this interaction, I cannot. His totally disregard for my feelings was unacceptable.

I urge you not to support his business. He also runs

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I hate it when this happens. We had a similar experience with a program about dinosaurs. The program claimed that they didn’t exist and if they did, they are gone because God killed them with the unicorns.

Can I suggest you check out They Might Be Giants – Here Comes Science or Here Come The 1,2,3’s? They aren’t curriculum, but the are a heck of a lot of fun and can be used as a good basis for a load of lesson work. You can youtube those easily, we all think that the DVD and CD are both worth the cost on each one.

Sorry that it has taken so long to respond. It is frustrating. I will say they did not tell me that they were secular, however when I was reading through the site, I did not see any overtly religious stuff. He speaks about god once on his about page at the very bottom of so much text you’d have to have an hour to get through it all.

For me, his response to my comment was the problem…he’s a hypocrite.

Followed you here from SHS.

Wow! That is so unprofessional. I’ll add that to my list of programs never to recommend (yes, I have a list lol). Stealth proselytizing is the worst.

Thanks very much for posting about this. It’s good for people to know that the product is not as secular as advertised. Too bad that customer service also has some pretty serious issues over there too. Thanks, Kristina, for taking one for the team (as they say) in dealing with this.

Thanks Resa! Like I said, lesson learned! I will read things with a fine tooth nail from now on because more and more I am finding that people just flat out lie about their intentions… it’s awful! The customer service is what pissed me off the most too because through his defensiveness I realized that this was intentional. Ugh, that’s the worse!

Wow! Clicked over from secular homeschool board….glad I have never done business with that site! p.s. I was also raised by 2 ministers!

I have an interesting religious background too and because of that I have learned to let them rant in “crazy” rather than engage in the same behavior. I appreciate your commenting and am glad that I can help spread the word about this company.

Wow Kristina- Thank you for shedding light on the ignorance that you have dealt with from this company. I first read about your horrible experience on SHS. Throughout your discussions, you have been clear about your complaint and very professional. I’m sorry to see that I can’t say the same about Mark. In his mind ignorance truly is bliss. He’s REALLY doesn’t get it. I understand that many companies don’t accept returns on opened products; however, this is clearly a case of intentional misleading through advertising. Quality of product and customer relations are the number one thing that I look for in a company, as I’m sure many do. I will be steering clear of Mark and his inability to handle constructive criticism. I will also be passing on the word to others considering this company.

I’m off to check out your curriculum lineup for the upcoming school year!


Thanks for commenting Autumn. I’ve said it before, but I refuse to engage this guy nastily because with every comment he shows his true colors.

Let me know what you think of the Curriculum.

Hey there, this is Mark from Have Fun Teaching. I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience that you felt compelled to write an entire blog post bashing the website. I think that we have a common goal and a love for education, we just go about it in a different way. It really hurts that you would go out of your way to bash Have Fun Teaching and create such negativity and hatred with your words and people’s comments. I will never post anything negative about you or your business.

Mark, thank you for posting and proving once again that you JUST DON’T GET IT!

I never bashed your website. I merely criticized YOU and the way that YOU handled constructive criticism from your customer. My post is specifically about the way you conducted yourself on Facebook when I pointed out a legitimate concern that I had. I was nice and respectful of you and what you do both on my comment on Facebook and even here on my personal blog. You in return accused me of “ignoring the truth,” by suggesting that you be more upfront about the fact that your material is very much religious in nature.

You lost a customer (and several others as many people have decided against purchasing your products after viewing the way you handled this on Facebook).

I am so tired of this! I think many of these sites actually put the word secular in their keywords, because I will spend an hour reading all about a curriculum that was a top result for “secular science homeschool curriculum” or something similar and then I will find one little buzz word that tips me off that it’s a religious site. If I hadn’t spent so much time arguing with fundamentalists, I wouldn’t even catch it. I am so frustrated trying to find a REAL science curriculum. If it includes creationism or leaves out evolution claiming a “neutral worldview,” I won’t buy it. You can’t teach science without evolution, it’s silly. You can’t teach science with the view that the Flintstones is a documentary and the earth is only 5000 years old. It is just so frustrating, if they are so proud of their beliefs why don’t they make it clear? It’s not very Christian to try to trick people into paying for your propaganda! Oh well, I’ll stop preaching to the choir now! Love the blog Kristina, I added you to my blog roll!

Stephanie, I am totally with you! So completely with you! The thing is that i don’t mind teaching creationism in the context of what it is- a religious theory with no scientific base. I want my daughter to have a holistic point of view so that she can draw her own educated conclusions BUT I do not appreciate things being sneaked in as a way to spread misinformed beliefs.

Thank you so much for commenting! I’ve added you to my blogroll!

Visiting you from SHS!

Oh dear. He seems to be lacking in customer service skills. Obviously he values ‘witnessing’ over sales! Sorry you had this experience but thanks for the heads up.

Hi and welcome! Yes, his desire to witness also caused him to show is ignorance! Give ’em rope and watch them hang themselves!

No problem! I am shocked by his attitude and hope that this post will encourage others to avoid his business.

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