Education is our passion!

Nurturing a love of learning

Math games like spin an equation challenge our children to find uniques ways to solve problems.
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Homeschooling is our tool; the world is our classroom! For the Love of Education chronicles our homeschooling journey and serves as a place to discuss some of the issues facing teachers, children, parents, and administrators. It is a place to remove politics from education and focus on the real purpose of it- to provide children with a life-long love of learning and to help them develop the skills (both basic and advanced) that they will need to become the policy-makers of the future.

We are a multiracial family. We are raising our daughter to respect and find pride in her heritage. We are also an Atheist/Anti-Theist family and teach most religion as we do Greek Mythology.

Statement of Religious Standing

For Love of Education is a secular-homeschooling-focused blog written by and edited by Kristina Brooke Daniele. She and her family are atheists, and she is an Anti-theist. While she knows that this may turn some people off, she believes in freedom of religion and freedom from religion. To this end, she does not generally review, promote, or advertise religious-centered materials as she tries to keep this blog 100% secular in its focus.