Kindergarten 2011 -2012

Kindergarten in review

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So we are finishing up on Kindergarten and it’s been a very full year! Below you will find mini reviews about the resources that we used this year. What would I have done differently?

  1. Not over plan. I went crazy thinking that I would not have enough materials to cover the whole year, but my worry-wort tendencies just caused me to become overwhelmed thinking about what we had to complete. I am so over that now!
  2. Check things sooner rather than later if they are not working. The thought of spending money on something that I don’t use makes me sad so I pushed The Tornado through HWT and a few other things despite the fact that they were not working for us. Not this year!
  3. Do more field trips! We went places put not as many as I wanted us to. I want to do more GEOCACHING and hiking.
  4. Add a music program.
  5. Notebooking instead of Lapbooking.

Phonics (Reading)

  • Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (TYC) – Got halfway through and she was already reading well enough to toss it, plus, she was not enjoying it!
  • Explode the Code (ETC) –COMPLETED ETC A-C. She really enjoyed this but I am not sure if she learned anything with. I probably should have skipped books A-C and went with the higher levels. We will not be using this series in First Grade.
  • NEW: All About Spelling Level 1- ALMOST COMPLETED. We love this. I joke that my daughter started spelling before she was reading without this but with this she has become a true speller. We will use in First Grade.
  • Progressive Phonics: SET ASIDE. This is a great FREE resource but we just never had time for it.

Supplements used on occasion:

  • Various Early Reader Books
  • – Subscription based service that provides a plethora of learning games.


  • Calvert: We have the Calvert Curriculum for Pre-K but it has a lot of good material for literature. We will use this as our primary curriculum. SOLD THIS
  • LibriVox: Free Audiobooks (recordings of books in the Public Domain). We’ve listened to a lot of audiobooks this year. I like that these are free but really do not like the chapter intros. We’ve been checking audiobooks out of the library.
  • Various Read-alouds


Supplements used on occasion (List remains the same)


Math Reading Books (List remains the same)


  • NEW: Virtual Earth Scouts: LOVE THIS. On hold for two months because we just got really busy!

Supplements used on occasion


  • Lollipop Logic: Critical Thinking Activities, 1x a week. $10.36. COMPLETED She loved this! Looking for suppliment.


Physical Education

  • Nature Walks and Scavenger Hunts
  • Swimming (Seasonal)
  • Sports Skills and Gymnastics @  The Little Gym
  • Bike Riding
  • Zumba and other dance classes
  • Wii Active Life Outdoor Challenge
  • Wii Dance Dance Revolution
  • Wii EA Active and More EA Active
  • Wii Michael Jackson: the Experience

6 replies on “Kindergarten in review”

How did you like calverts curriculum? I am planning our first year of homeschooling with my 5, 2 and 1 year olds. We are looking at unit lessons to help with the muliti age groups, but I am worried I won’t get it all in without set curriculum. Ideas??

Hello Kali. Like you I was worried and I purchased it. But I didn’t use it and wasted so much money. Your kids are so young and structured learning is really tough for children that age. I suggest purchasing What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know: Preparing Your Child for a Lifetime of Learning and going from there. Then just let them play, play, play, play, play!
Let me know what you decide

Thank you for the hints. We are planning away and hope to start our formal kindergarten curriculum September 1st!! It’s gone get wild. How do you meal plan?

Honestly, I think copy work (Writing With Ease) and homemade writing sheets are best. Just have them practice writing their names, the date, Mommy, Daddy, Then animals, then numbers. Save your money!

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