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Learning to Use Scissors at 32

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*Yes, I am 33 now. This originally appeared on Mom on the Rise in 2009.

Bear with me- I am a little excited about this so this post may sound like a rambling piece of nonsense. I apologize for that in advance, but seriously, bear with me.

I cut my daughter’s hair a month ago. Her hair used to look like this and now it looks like this. I know she is freaking adorable! What you cannot see, however, is that I completely butchered one side of her head because, in part, she would not stop moving. However, when I took her to my sister-in-law who is, unlike me, a certified hair dresser, she made me realize that the problem was not in how I cut her hair ( even beauty school dropouts can cut hair well) but in the fact that I never learned to hold scissors properly.

Can you imagine that? At 32 years old I find out that how I hold scissors has been the reason why I cannot cut on a straight line. Well, that mixed with the fact that I am a natural Lefty but was trained to be a righty by a mother who believed that lefties were “freakish”. At any rate, there is a proper way to hold scissors.

The Wrong Way
The Right Way

What’s the difference? Look at the pointer finger. In the first picture it is with the others in the rings. In the second picture it is outside against the underside of the scissor. And trust me, hair cutting scissors are no different than other scissors. The pointer acts as a guide allowing you to cut on a straight line.

Don’t believe me? Try it. I guarantee it will make a difference. And if you are anything like me, you’ll be cutting paper like crazy!

Main photo credit: “Black and white spotty scissors” by The Shopping Sherpa