8th Grade Discussions

O2: Encountering Evil- Student Response

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All questions from Oyster Academy.

Question 1: Why is it so important to remember the specific details of people’s experiences?

It’s important to remember details of people’s experiences because you learn certain events that happened to the victims that no one else may know about, or even be told in a normal lesson about said experience. In a traumatic experience, you understand the victim’s feelings about said experience and the pain they were put through, or how they handled the situation.

Experiences also help people be aware of early signs that may occur before the major event takes place. It also teaches others to be aware of their actions and other people’s actions and avoid making bad decisions.

Question 2: Why is it so important for Holocaust victims to share their stories? 

It’s important for Holocaust victims to share their stories so readers and listeners can learn the whole story of the Holocaust. It’s also important so we, as listeners, can prevent another Holocaust and help educate those unaware of the major trauma and horror of the event. It’s also important so the victims can cope with the horror or make people aware that the Holocaust was more than gas chambers.

Question 3: What impact does hearing these stories have on us as readers?

The stories of the Holocaust can hurt, and maybe make us cry, but it also educates us on the unfairness of the world and how horrible some people can be. It can also help us make better decisions and help us make the world a better place. The stories may hurt and scare us, but it helps us prevent a similar horrific event from taking place, or even just help us stand up to people who may be the new Hitler.