8th Grade Discussions

O3: Encountering Evil – Student Response

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All questions are from Oyster Academy.

Knowing what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust, how does reading today’s text impact you as a reader?

With my knowledge of what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust, reading today’s text (pg. 3-11) is unsettling and sad. At first, it was peaceful, but when Moishe and other people of Sighet were taken away, I felt uneasy, especially when the people of Sighet weren’t worried. I wish I could’ve warned them of the horrors of what happened to Moishe and the others, and possibly convince the residents of Sighet that Moishe wasn’t insane.

It’s even worse when the German soldiers came to Sighet and no one was worried. If the people of Sighet knew what would happen, they possibly would’ve had a chance to spare themselves of the horrors of the Holocaust.

Reading Night is like watching your dog drown and not being able to do anything, and not being able to go back in time. It rather hurts.

How do you think Wiesel feels reflecting back on this time in his life?

During the preface of Night, Wiesel explained that his “…life as a writer wouldn’t have become what it is; that of a witness who believes he has moral obligation to try to prevent the enemy from enjoying one las victory by allowing his crimes to be erased from human memory.”

I think Wiesel might’ve felt hurt and maybe anxious while reflecting back to the Holocaust, but he might’ve felt strong and encouraged because he knew the Nazis wouldn’t win one last battle as long as his book and words lived. Though, I’m confident that he felt saddened because of what happened.