8th Grade Discussions

O4: Encountering Evil – Student Response

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All questions from Oyster Academy.

Why does Wiesel use quotation marks around the word “normal” on page 11? What impact does this punctuation have on the reader’s understanding of the passage?

Wiesel uses quotation marks around “normal” to show that things weren’t actually normal. Things were changing, Relatives were driven out of their homes, which he states on page 11.

The quotations make readers feel uneasy and nervous, because it seems more like a sarcastic “normal” than a genuine one. It doesn’t seem liked Wiesel meant that life was normal again. It made it seem that, though, things weren’t as hectic, everyone was holding their breath for something else to happen.

On page 21, Wiesel writes, “…so much easier to do when the owners are on vacation…” “On vacation!” Why does Wiesel repeat this word and punctuate it with an exclamation point?

Wiesel repeats the word and punctuates it with an exclamation point because it seemed silly that the townsfolk were on vacation. Everyone knew they were on transports. It adds a sarcastic, annoyed tone to the statement.