Online Homeschool Planner: My Search for Sanity

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Finding an online homeschool planner should not have been so hard. It should not have driven me to the verge of tears. It should not have made me SCREAM multiple times, but it did. It was tedious to say the least.I didn’t think I had too many requirements, but it seems that I was asking for a lot.

My Requirements

  1. I had to be able to export my data in a .CSV or some sort of usable format.
  2. A separate login for my daughter with an interactive interface that she can use to stay on task.
  3. The ability to create lesson plans, assignments, reading lists, etc.
  4. Provide a to-do list or a task list for both me and my daughter.
  5. A strong support system or help section. Responsive customer service.
  6. Not religious or at least not in a way to goes against my beliefs/values.
  7. Ability to add files or links to task descriptions.
  8. Flexible enough to meet our alternative schedule.
  9. Ability to assign different colors to subjects/courses.
  10. Preferably offline.

I was apparently asking for too much in an online homeschool planner and was unable to find one program that provided all of these elements. Check out my video in which I walk you through the various programs that I tested.

And please share your thoughts. What program are you using? How do you create an interactive scheduling environment?