Curriculum Kindergarten 2011 -2012 Planning

Our Kindergarten TOOLS 2011 – 2012

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After reading the awesome blog posts and curriculum summary over at Satori Smiles, I purchased The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Third Edition) and devoured it in less than two days. I LOVE the classical approach to homeschooling but definitely believe that it needs should be tweaked a little (we love art, music, and learning to express our emotions).

Here are our curriculum TOOLS for the Kindergarten School Year 2011-2012. We are using a variety of resources including the Calvert Pre-K curriculum that I purchased last year but did not use in its entirety as I realized that All-in-One products are not for us. Keep in mind that Art and Music portions are missing as well as a few other things that we are going to be including in the future.  I will add them as soon as we figure those out.

In our home, I am the primary homeschooler, but Daddy participates as much as possible (which is often). He created the Math, Science, and Logic sections our curriculum!

Please note that when possible we use affiliate links because Momma’s gotta make money! If you choose to buy any of the resources here, please do so by clicking through using our links…. Thanks a bunch!

Phonics (Reading)

  • Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (TYC) – 5x/week; main coursework
  • Explode the Code (ETC) – 3x/week; We do one letter sound a day, roughly about 12 pages.
  • Various Early Reader Books

Supplements used on occasion:

  • Progressive Phonics: For everything! Completely free and full of phonics goodness.
  • – Subscription based service that provides a plethora of learning games.
  • Your Baby Can Read – really good books, flashcards, and video supplements. We will use the books and flashcards for on the go sight word practice.
  • – free site that we will use when I need to work.


  • Calvert: We have the Calvert Curriculum for Pre-K but it has a lot of good material for literature. We will use this as our primary curriculum.
  • LibriVox: Free Audiobooks (recordings of books in the Public Domain)
  • Various Read-alouds


  • HWT K – “Letters and Numbers For Me”: 5x/week M has known how to write her letters since she was 2 but she needs a lot of help with writing neater on between lines. We are going to use HWT because it seems like it is the best program. We also already have the chalkboard thanks to my sister-in-law who is a Teacher’s Assistant.

Supplements used on occasion

  • Various handwriting worksheets and activity books: We will use these for more practice.
  • Plain Composition Notebooks: we urge her to write all day. We play word games and connect the dots and more.


  • RightStart Math A 3-4x/week. $45 for the lesson book and $5 for the worksheet book.  No need to by the kit since we have most of the manipulatives and/or can buy from teaching store.  Will give an outline for what must be accomplished and will tailor lessons based on strong/weak points.
  • Singapore EarlyBird1-2x/weekTextbook A & B $22 ea.  Activity book A & B $16.50 ea. Highly rated homeschooling resource that again can offer backbone outline and lesson plan.

Supplements used on occasion

  • iXL– free web-based site that offers interactive Math questions.
  • (from LOVE this! Subscription-based math games.
  • Kidzone free printable Math worksheets
  • Math is Fun another site offering free printable Math worksheets
  • K Basic Math Workbook: We only have the workbook as I purchased it second-hand but I like the exercises.

Math Reading Books (The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Third Edition))

  • Burns, Marilyn.  Greedy Triangle.  New York: Scholastic, 2008.
  • Anno, Mitsumasa.  Anno’s Multiplying Jar.  New York: Paper Star, 1999.
  • Murphy, Stuart J.  Divide and Ride.  New York: Harper Trophy, 1997.
  • McGinley-Nally, Sharon.  Spaghetti and Meatballs for All: A Mathematical Story.  New York: Scholastic, 2008.
  • Neushwander, Cindy.  Sir Cumference and the First Round Table: A Math Adventure.  Watertown, Mass.: Charlesbridge Publishing, 2002.
  • Axelrod, Amy.  Pigs Will Be Pigs: Fun with Math & Money.  New York: Alladdin, 1997.


Supplements used on occasion

Science Textbooks

  • Williams, Robert A. Mudpies to Magnets.  Mt. Ranier, Md.: Gryphon House, 1987.
  • Williams, Robert A. More Mudpies to Magnets.  Mt. Ranier, Md.: Gryphon House, 1990.
  • Rockwell, Robert E., et al.  Everybody Has a Body: Science from Head to Toe.  Mt. Ranier, Md.: Gryphon House, 1992.



Supplements used on Occasion (Forthcoming)

Physical Education

  • Nature Walks and Scavenger Hunts
  • Swimming (Seasonal)
  • Sports Skills and Gymnastics @  The Little Gym
  • Bike Riding
  • Zumba and other dance classes
  • Wii Active Life Outdoor Challenge
  • Wii Dance Dance Revolution
  • Wii EA Active and More EA Active
  • Wii Michael Jackson: the Experience

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[…] living. I am eating better and trying to spend time with my family more. I am excited about homeschooling (we start again on Monday) and am looking forward to all of the activities we have there. I am […]

[…] living. I am eating better and trying to spend time with my family more. I am excited about homeschooling (we start again on Monday) and am looking forward to all of the activities we have there. I am […]

Hi, I’m new at this. I have a daughter who just turned 4 in august. She already reads at first grade level. I’m so confused about what to do. I was going to enroll her in an umbrella school because I’m so afraid of not giving her the right information. But I don’t agree with the strict religious schooling. I think we would do well with as secular. I don’t know where to begin. I’ve done schooling at home with websites and books of our own. She knows about countries, states, we read encyclopedias, we do writing and painting. But I don’t know how to start with homeschooling. Should I get the calvert kindergarten? Will you be using it? I’d like to follow what you do. What do you suggest?

Hi Jo. Thanks for stopping by. Congrats on your daughter’s reading success. I know it can be very stressful to figure out where to start, but know that you don’t need to pay for a curriculum! I purchased Calvert last year (Pre-K) and did not use it enough to justify the purchase. From what you have said, you are already homeschooling so no need to worry about how to start!

There are so many FREE and low cost resources that you can use and remember that you know your child better than anyone. With that said, I do recommend All About Spelling on her level (yes, I am an affiliate, but only because I truly love and believe in the program). I would also recommend Five in a Row which you can use as a full curriculum. Depending on what state you are in, check to see what the Kindergartend/First Grade requirements are and make sure that you are meeting them in some way.

Feel free to email me too (check my contact page) and we can chat some more. Good luck!

My son is going into Kinder too :mrgreen: He isn’t our first h’schooler, we have a dd that is 9yrs old. I can tell you what thou, he is defiantly easier and more exciting for me! Not because he is a fav or something lol! but, because like they say you learn on your 1st and we went thur sooooo many curriculums before we found Time4Learning that it honestly took some of the joy out for me :_( So now that my lil boy is ready and I know what curriculum to use I am Super Excited!!!! 😀
~>I am so happy that you found your stuff too & here is Wishing you Happy H’Schoolings 😉

Hello. I’m visiting from the hiphomeschool site. I have a kindergart. kiddo this year. It’s such a sweet age. 🙂
I’ll be posting our curriculum on Tues.
Hope you guys have a great summer.

Very good, Love! I’m excited for you both! Wii is an awesome tool. I look forward to your home schooling updates. Much love and support.

Thanks for posting – great info here! We’re starting Explode the Code A, B, C / Progressive Phonics for Reading and Right Start / Singapore for Math as well in September. I’m not familiar with some of your supplements – time to do more research!

You are very welcome! Thank YOU for visiting and commenting! We actually started Kindergarten on June 21 (before I planned the Curriculum) but now that I have this outlined, I feel so much more confident about covering everything. It’s funny because for the 5 years that I taught, we never had a curriculum- I had an idea of what I wanted to covered and what I wanted students to do by June, but it was so back-assward!

I think I need to bookmark this post for future reference. We are nowhere near kindergarten but I still found some useful information through this post. Thanks for sharing! I am getting all excited now 🙂

Bookmark away! I hope it helps! I highly recommend The Well Trained Mind. It will guide you regardless of age.

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