Our Year in Review: A World of Chaos

What life pretty looks like currently
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Whew! What a year. Actually, what a year and a half. Technically, we are completing second grade, but things have been moving slowly. Moving across country is enough to drive the sanest of people batty. For me, I am a complete mess. Between building a business from the ground up because we left most of our clients back east, trying to get acclimated to our new state, dealing with working from home with my husband, The Tornado’s mental, intellectual, and emotional growth, and this nagging desire to have a baby, life has been a barrel of monkeys. Throw a mountain of financial wows (read about how we and others homeschool through a financial crisis at home | school | life magazine) into the mix and the chaos has been strong with us.

Contemplating life whilst looking out the living room window of our new apartment.

I’d like to recap what we have done this year, but homeschooling has been less than formal. Unlike some, unschooling does not work for me and it works even less for The Tornado. While she is naturally inquisitive and loves learning, and while she has no trouble choosing to read, complete workbooks, or watch educational programs over most other things, she needs structure to help her with follow through. I am, however, happy that she has learned some really useful skills. Here are highlights of our year. We sewed, cleaned the carpet, and made notebooks.

Learning to sew must begin with threading the needle.
Learning to sew must begin with threading the needle.
Cleaning the carpet before moving out.
Cleaning the carpet before moving out.

She also played games, because really, what’s a childhood without games?

Our homemade “Spin an Equation”
Playing “Rummikub” with her dad and me.

We built the Nile and made an Egyptian dress.

Filling the Nile River


Our no-sew Egyptian dress.
Our no-sew Egyptian dress.

We read, played, and ate really big Turkey legs!

Reading with the dog
Reading with T-Rex

swing waterplay turkeylegtornado And we are EXHAUSTED! turtledone

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I have found that every single year is different from the last. Some years are GREAT school years, and others not so much. Life does tend to get in the way sometimes, but as you know, they learn from life’s interruptions too. From experience with the older two I now realize that Math and Reading/Writing are the most important subjects as far as the schools are concerned. Once they get too behind there, it is hard to catch up if you need to (like if they decide to go to school or are ready for college classes). The rest is important but the timeline and specific age/grade goals don’t matter quite as much. Last year I set up my kids schedules with the most important things to get done at the top. They knew they had to AT LEAST complete those. Then there was a group of secondary importance and a final group of more “elective” type stuff. This helped us to have a decent school year – not our best, but good enough that I don’t feel too guilty. And you are right, being prepared is everything in terms of getting what you want to get done DONE. I bet this year is an easier one for you guys. Life will settle down a bit 🙂

It looks like you guys did some fun things this past school year. I like your build an equation game! Did you make a template for her to use? I hope this upcoming year you will be able to add the structure that you need 🙂

Hi Latonya! Thanks for visiting. We did have a lot of fun (although it took writing this post to realize it). I did make a template and will share, if you would like. Let me know and I will send it to you.

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