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Planning in the midst of Chaos

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Let me back track a little to give you an idea of what our lives are like now. I actually design websites and do social media consulting for a living. For the last year, I was the social media manager for a regional food chain. When that position ended, the Media Agency offered me a full-time position as a Social Media Manager for a rather large parent company whose three major brands needed social media revitalization.  I head to the office one day a week and my normal 25-hour-a-week work schedule would turn into a 45-50 hour a week one. Additionally, I still do a little web design on the side. Did I mention that we are also doing renovations on my mother-in-laws house and moving in with her to help her with her bills? Life has been crazy.

In the midst of all of this, we are looking forward to the new school year. There is nothing more exciting than its promise. With it comes new books, supplies, and a wish to get it right this time. I know, we homeschool all year around and began Kindergarten back in June. Truthfully, we have had one of those summers that is chaotic and has left us begging for a normal schedule. So, after finalizing most of our Kindergarten curriculum, we decided to take a minute to just regroup. This also meant that we would take a moment to buy all the supplies that we need to meet the school year head on!

A friend of mine, Yakini,  commissioned me to do graphic design job for her and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some of the supplies we needed. I and Andrew created wish lists on Amazon for each subject and filled these lists with all the books and other items that we would need to get through the year. I asked Yakini to buy items off of the wish lists and not give me cash that I would spend elsewhere. It has proven to be a great idea! Look at what came in the mail today:



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I’m tired reading all of that but it’s GOOD stuff so yaaaaaay! Take your multi vitamins and best wishes. xo

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