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Planning Our Homeschool Day

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I am finding that as much as I want to stay free to do things as they come, my daughter and I are both schedule people. We like to know what we are doing and when it is going to be over. So, with that in mind, Andrew and I have mapped our schedule for the school year which for us will start on September 11. Keep in mind that we are flexible and while our days seem pretty packed, I have even scheduled meals, snacks, naps, and free time. I work from home so things have to fit around my work schedule and this seems best. Mondays are a light day because I actually go into the office then and Saturdays we are reserving as a day for us to complete what we don’t finish. Sundays are scheduled but will be mostly field trip or activity days because that is when my husband is off from work (Sun, Mon, Tuesday, usually).

Now you may be wondering what Life Skills entails. That would be making our beds, washing up, brushing teeth, getting dressed, meditation, emptying the dishwasher and of course, breakfast. This is the time we chat and prepare to start the day. We have also scheduled Free Play (those are the times that I know my daughter needs a break from work and from me. That’s also the time for me to check into work very quickly.) Dinner is later  on our schedule, but we will probably eat much earlier (like around 6). After dinner, I have also scheduled Reading for Fun –  just time for us to sit reads books together or separately, and to relax. This is down time.

How do you plan your homeschooling Day?



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Wow! Your schedule is so much like ours. We have a Mayan language instead of Latin, and a few other differences, but the similarities are amazing.

My son and I also work much better with a schedule. I do like the idea of “unschooling” and admire the people that get stuff done without a regime, but we need the structure. Glad to know we’re not alone in our super-packed-scheduling. We also go until 6pm, much to the dismay of our more relaxed homeschool friends. But we’re happy with it, so good!

Best wishes and thanks for sharing!

Hi Chi-Chi! That’s great! I have the subjects scheduled because Mya and I function so much better with schedules. Where are you doing piano lessons? I want Mya to take them.

Mealtimes provide the structure for our days. Breakfast is served at 8:30. Before breakfast is piano practice. After breakfast, school starts (usually at 9) and goes until lunchtime at 12. I’m not particular about the order in which we cover subjects: I let the boys decide. Each subject is allotted a certain amount of time and we stick to it. I stick 5 minute breaks in from time to time. After lunch, we go out to the library, playground, playdate, museum, piano, swimming or PE class. Before dinner, it’s independent reading for 30 minutes. Dinner at 6. 6:30-7:45 clean up, chores, each person go do their own thing. 7:45 prep for bed. 8:00 reading together. 8:30 bed. It’s predictable and helps everyone know what to expect. With two super active boys, it’s important to have a lot of free time in the afternoon. It works out.

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