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Seeking Justice Lesson 1: Discussion Questions

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Questions from Oyster Academy-Seeking Justice: Lesson 1.

Question 1: What was the relationship between gender and the perpetuation of Jim Crow?

During the Jim Crow laws, it was always inappropriate for a black man to interact with a white girl or woman in a casual way, strengthening the assumption that black men will harm white women, even in the black man seemed nice. Black women raised younger white children at times, but in a business way, also strengthening the assumption that black women were just there to be used as servants to raise children. Racial stereotypes were very strong during Jim Crow laws, especially when dealing with gender roles.

Question 2: If Jim Crow no longer exists (at least in the way it once did), why is it important for us to continue to talk about it?

It’s important for us to continue to talk about it so it doesn’t happen again. We cannot let Jim Crow laws to come back, or else, history shall repeat itself. Unnecessary violence will occur because we took a step backwards. We need to acknowledge how far we’ve come when fighting racism, and we can possibly use facts about Jim Crow to fight the current racial issues. We mustn’t step backwards. We must learn from history and prevent it from happening again.

If we ignore the past, we’ll easily fall into Jim Crow laws again, and start segregating everything again. Interracial relationships will be illegal. Black people will have to sit in the back of buses and subways again. Jim Crow was harmful and very wrong. We need to know better so we can do better.

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I wonder also, if we need to talk and understand about the effects that Jim Crow had on all members of society. What kind of a legacy did it leave for how we all view each other? How did it influence personal, gender, and racial views?

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