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Seeking Justice Lesson 3: Discussion Question

Discussion Questions from Oyster Academy-Seeking Justice: Lesson 3. Question: How do today’s chapters develop your understanding of class differences in Maycomb? The poorer aren’t as respected as everyone else. The Cunninghams are very poor and Scout was very disrespectful, as clearly shown when talking with Calpurnia, “He ain’t company, Cal, he’s just a Cunningham-” (33) Despite being ‘common folk’-or middle class-, those who aren’t rich nor poor, there’s a sub-culture. The Ewells, which are their own part in the common folk, only go to school on the first day and the last day of the semester. Bob Ewell also hunts out of season, as Atticus tells Scout, “…Bob Ewell, Burris’ father, was permitted to hunt and trap out of season,” (41) and do not follow the law. The newer chapters are helping me understand how classism effects people. The poorer you are, the more disrespected you are, as shown by the Cunninghams. The richer you are, the more people seem to respect themselves and have a bigger ego, as shown by the Ewells.