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Seeking Justice: Lesson 6 – Discussion Questions

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All questions are from Oyster Academy-Seeking Justice: Lesson 6.

Question 1: “In what ways is the scene where Jem retrieves his pants similar and different in the film (30:50–32:16) than in the text (pages 62–64)?”

To Kill a Mockingbird as a movie and as a book are surprisingly different, but still hold similarities.

One of the differences is that, in the movie, Jem doesn’t leave to retrieve his pants in the middle of the night, unlike the book, where he leaves while Atticus is asleep. Another difference is that Jem’s pants weren’t sewn together and folded, as if someone was waiting for him. They also weren’t ripped, unlike in the book, where they ripped and Boo Radley stitched them up.

Now, there are some similarities. One of which includes the gunshot while Jem was retrieving his pants. Another is that Atticus didn’t know Jem ran to get his pants. He was completely oblivious-not for the same reasons, however.

Question 2: “On page 63, Scout reflects, “It was then, I suppose, that Jem and I first began to part company.” How would you characterize the relationship between Scout and Jem in this scene? In what ways has it changed since the beginning of the text?”

In that very scene, you can tell Jem and Scout are drifting apart. They used to be close. Jem was her teacher, in a way. Scout was the one with common sense at times, and they seemed like friends as well as siblings. Their relationship is distant now, and rather shattered.

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