Challenging Ourselves to Challenge Our Children

Sometimes we forget to challenge our children when we homeschool. Unlike the more common form of schooling, homeschooling affords us the opportunity to take things slowly. We can reassess methods as necessary, and because we have more time to do so, we do not have to rush to get through the material. It is much […]

Books Language Arts

14 Recommendations to Use for Read Alouds

Read Alouds are all the rage in homeschooling circles, but the truth is that reading aloud to your children should be a priority even if your children attend school outside of the home. Many write off picture books because they believe that they are too easy/young for older children. However, when I was teaching High […]

History and Geography

First Americans on Amazon Prime

First Americans are those many people call Native Americans. We say First Americans because they were the first inhabitants of the land now known as America. The term is less confusing because anyone who is born here is actually Native American. First Americans is a less ambiguous term and pays homage to the fact that […]


Online Homeschool Planner: My Search for Sanity

Finding an online homeschool planner should not have been so hard. It should not have driven me to the verge of tears. It should not have made me SCREAM multiple times, but it did. It was tedious to say the least.I didn’t think I had too many requirements, but it seems that I was asking […]