Losing my Footing in Life and in Homeschooling

I can officially say that this school year has been a complete and utter wash, and we will be redoing the entire year over starting Monday. We hope to be able to complete all of first grade by the end of August 2013. And, I’m OK with that, I guess. We started the year off […]

Everything Else

Our First Grade Workbox System

I’ve mentioned before that my daughter loves schedules. She likes to know what is going to happen and she likes to check off a “To Do List.” My husband likes schedules too and gets pretty flustered if I change up our plans last minute. I’m a slave to schedules as well, but have always approached […]

Curriculum First Grade 2012- 2013

Planning First Grade Curriculum 2012-2013

  We started first grade on June 1 although we are still working our way through some Kindergarten-level things, specifically Reception Year of the MEP curriculum and All About Spelling Level 1. Here is our by-no-means comprehensive list of what we are using for First Grade. Reading The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading: (Daily) […]