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The Accidental Book: Civil Rights Then and Now: A Timeline of the Fight for Equality in America

What began as an attempt to write a series of lesson plans for the ended with a full-on book for children and parents who are interested in learning and discussing about racism in this county. This two-year journey has taken me on a heartbreaking trip through hurt, anger, sadness, and often hopelessness and I […]

Curriculum Fifth Grade 2016 - 2017

5th Grade Curriculum 2016 – 2017

Language Arts Reading Interactive Reading Literature Notebook and Novel Notes for Any Fiction Book Discovering Fiction Student’s Book 2: A Reader of American Short Stories Build Your Library Grade 5: Various Novels, Short Stories, and Poems Spelling / Vocabulary All About Spelling 5 Grammar and Writing Fix It: The Nose Tree Journaling Blogging at The […]

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Teaching Reading Comprehension

New YouTube video up on my channel. In it, I talk about teaching reading comprehension and what I do to ensure that my daughter is getting the whole picture when she reads. Check it out below:   Tools that I mention in the video: — Novel Notes (by me): — Reading Response Journal Questions:  […]


Introducing home/school/life Magazine (And a Quick contest)

On Monday, April 7, the premier issue of home/school/life Magazine will be available, and I am quite excited for several reasons. Truth be told; I miss magazines. I miss sitting on the sofa and reading insightful articles that spark conversation and action. I have not subscribed to a magazine in years because, as a homeschooling […]