5th Grade Curriculum 2016 – 2017

Language Arts Reading Interactive Reading Literature Notebook and Novel Notes for Any Fiction Book Discovering Fiction Student’s Book 2: A Reader of American Short Stories Build Your Library Grade 5: Various Novels, Short Stories, and Poems Spelling / Vocabulary All About Spelling 5 Grammar and Writing Fix It: The Nose Tree Journaling Blogging at The […]

14 Recommendations to Use for Read Alouds

Read Alouds are all the rage in homeschooling circles, but the truth is that reading aloud to your children should be a priority even if your children attend school outside of the home. Many write off picture books because they believe that they are too easy/young for older children. However, when I was teaching High […]

Teaching Reading Comprehension

New YouTube video up on my channel. In it, I talk about teaching reading comprehension and what I do to ensure that my daughter is getting the whole picture when she reads. Check it out below:   Tools that I mention in the video: — Novel Notes (by me): http://ow.ly/101DVU — Reading Response Journal Questions:  […]

Creating a Diverse Reading Curriculum for Any Grade

For some subjects, using a boxed curriculum works, but when it comes to teaching Reading, it can be very difficult to find one that includes diverse viewpoints. One of the things that I think about when planning my daughter’s Reading course of the study is how to “color the canon” and provide a variety of […]

Learning to Write Essays Without Calling it an Essay

Years ago when I was a high school teacher, I discovered that children have a natural aversion to writing essays. They seem to freeze in fright with the mere mention of the word and the results very rarely reflect their skill or knowledge. So I decided to avoid calling what we were going to do an essay. I simply said that we were going to answer some questions.