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Talking to young children about Troy Davis

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I reached out the the members of the community as well as a few groups on Facebook about how to talk to my very curious five year old about Troy Davis. She was asking questions and I wanted to be as honest without being too blunt.

Gerg is no stranger to death. In 2009 we lost my oldest sister (36) and my FIL in a span of two months. At three years old, they had a funeral dress!

The point, Gerg understands the finality of death and knows that some people die because they are very sick, some die in accidents, some because others are mean/angry… etc. So their understanding of death is probably so much clearer than that of others their age.

We have spoken to them about race too. As a Black Women in an interracial marriage, it comes up often. In their innocence, Gerg has had interesting notions about race, but the complex issue of how Racism played into this case is just too much for her to understand.

Nonetheless, I wanted to explain what was going on.

Here is how the conversation went:

Me: Troy Davis was found guilty of killing a police officer although in the years since his conviction there have been many questions about his guilt. Many people feel that he was convicted despite there being doubt. He was given the death penalty which Mommy feels is wrong because no human being has the right to take another’s life. In much the same way that I don’t believe that it is right for me to hit you to teach you that hitting is wrong, I think killing someone to teach that killing is wrong doesn’t make sense. Many people feel like this and have been fighting for Troy Davis’ life. Unfortunately, our government did not fight for him and his sentence was carried out tonight. I am really sad about this.

Gerg: “I would hate to get dead if I did nothing wrong. Why didn’t they help him?”

Me: “Because sometimes people lose sight of what is right and they allow themselves to be led by fear/anger rather than love and respect.”

Gerg: “I think love is funner.”

That was it. I am sure they will have some questions as they process this, but I think that this was a good start.

Have you spoken to your young child about topics that are very difficult to explain?

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That is the irony of it… Young children today are bright and they seem to ask everything. Sometimes, its so hard to explain thing more especially is the topic is sensitive… Yes, I have tried and I am not comfortable explaining complicated things. Maybe in time when they get to understand more maturely..

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