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The Fight for Troy Davis is a Fight for the Soul of the United States of America

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The Troy Davis case has awakened this site. Denene Milner over at My Brown Baby wrote eloquently about her views on the Death Penalty saying:

But then my brain takes over when I consider America’s dark history of lynching, mutilating and murdering African American fathers, sons, mothers and daughters—all-too-many times for no other reason than because the accused was black and the accusers reveled in the killing. Evidence of wrongdoing was inconsequential. Emmit Till. The Scottsboro Boys. The Brothers Griffin. Those are the names we know. Scores more, we don’t. But their deaths sear my soul.

-Denene Milner

Her words mirror my sentiment – the Death Penalty makes sense in an “eye for an eye” sort of way. Unfortunately, it is far too easy for a person (especially a person of color) to be wrongfully accused and found guilty. Human beings are fallible. We make mistakes, we are prejudiced, we are irrational, and we are filled with fear. Those traits makes it far too difficult for our Justice System to be flawless. Combined with our country’s history of hatred and our continued systematic racism and classism, there is just no way that the Death Penalty can be a solution. [Read the rest of this over at We of Hue]