The World is Our Classroom Planner Sample

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Here is a look at the inside of the planner. As of now, I am going to be offering the planner for free as a download. It will include the 12 month calendar sheets (religious holidays are not noted) and then 1 copy of each sheet. That way you can print it and punch holes in it if you would like.  Eventually, I am going make the pages editable in Adobe, but I never intended to so that is not a priority as of now.

Love to hear your thoughts!

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4 replies on “The World is Our Classroom Planner Sample”

That planner is awesome! My biggest complaint about planners has been that very few of them are actually pretty, and the only one that really is pretty is Christian. You have done a wonderful job! When can we download it?
Heck, I shouldn’t say this, but you really ought to put a price on it and make some money with it. It really is beautiful!


Thank you Judy. I will make the download available in a few days. Truthfully, I *need* to make some money with this eventually (this economy stinks), but I am still trying to figure out what to include. Anything you would like to see added?

I’m really new here (and to homeschooling!), so opinion+grain of salt and all that, right?

1) I LOVE your planner. This is *gorgeous.* My jaw is practically on the floor, this is amazing. I was linked over here for the “teaching pre-k/k to read” entry, saw this, and have added your blog to my bookmarks. I’m hooked. And in awe.

2) The only thing I can think of that could be added to the planner is a way to do meal planning. That would have almost the entirety of my planner-of-any-sort use put all in one place, and BOY is that a handy idea. ^_^ I can certainly see why it would be unhelpful for folks who are looking for less paper, or more streamlined, or who need their education stuff separate for reporting purposes (I’m, luckily, in a reporting-free zone!).

Anyhow, new reader loving your work!

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