We Begin with Kindergarten

That’s not really true. We have been homeschooling since my daughter was 2.5. This past year (albeit very sporadically) we used the Calvert curriculum (PreK) level mixed with a lot of stuff that I created and some fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants ingenuity. We have been trying to find our footing, but with big changes in the near future regarding our housing situation, I have decided to start planning for The Tornado’s kindergarten year.

The truth is that because we are moving I have struggled with the decision to homeschool The Tornado. I am tempted to send her to kindergarten because it would be nice if they taught her all the stuff that I loathe, phonics, how to use scissors, and patience, but I know deep in my heart that homeschooling is in her best interest. I admit that as an only child, she is often alone and lonely and she longs for the “fun” that seems to be had in school by the numerous TV children who attend. BUT I know that there are ways to combat and I have a plan.

And this blog will help keep us going.

Published by Kristina Brooke

My name is Kristina, mom to The Tornado and wife to Andrew. I am a former English teacher who left the traditional classroom to focus on teaching my daughter. I am a web and graphic designer, social media consultant, constant fan of the underdog, and political junkie. I am a vocal atheist and approach everything I do with a high level of questioning and research. Read more about us.

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