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Hardcoding her first web page

I am a techie. Always have been. For some reason, I was able to understand computers, and from the moment I used my first one back in 1988, I just knew what to do. I’m a self-taught web developer, and I love having the ability to make computers do what I want. Suffice it to say that my love of technology is a large part of how we homeschool. We have an iPad and use several programming apps. My daughter knows how to type and understands the parts of a computer. She even has a blog.

Today, she designed her first web page. I am teaching her HTML, CSS, and PHP and we are hard-coding our pages and putting together a course that I may offer to others. We will be focusing on design principles and on writing valid code, but we will also have fun. My hope is to have her create a book review site for children that will run on a CMS that she builds herself.

The Tornado's First Web Page