Weekly Sheets for Staying Organized

Weeklysheets_Page_4When I was teaching High School English back in 2005, another teacher used Weekly Sheets to keep her students informed about what would be happening in the upcoming week. It was a practice many of us quickly adapted, myself included. I never thought to use it in our homeschooling mainly because it required that I be certain about what was going to happen… and that’s where I fail!

I have a HUGE problem with staying consistent in everything that I do. With homeschooling, I begin with Big Fat Hairy Goals  (a term that I took  from my time as a New York Teaching Fellow), but then I miss a day, and that turns into a week, and then it seems like everything is just out of whack. When I began planning for this year, I realized that in order to stay consistent, I needed to be (1) realistic (2) organized (3) focused (4) and fluid.

So once I planned out my six week block, I knew that I could produce weekly sheets that would move us forward by keeping us on track. The sheet is pretty self-explanatory and while I create them in advance, I do not give them to my daughter until we begin the week. This way if there is something that we did not get to that needs to be added, I can do so.

The Tornado loves having the sheets in her binder. She is able to see what we are doing and because I include her spelling and vocabulary words for the week, she can review quickly.

You can download the free Weekly Sheet template (a PowerPoint file) at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.



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