Why I took my 6 year old to see The Avengers and don’t regret it

I always said that I would not be the kind of parent to take my young child to see a movie that was/is too mature for her let alone to an evening movie. I always thought it was a sign of irresponsible parenting. Granted, I usually witnessed parents lugging their young ones to bloody movies like “Gladiator” and “Underworld,” so my reaction was based on that experience.

But then we became parents and started homeschooling. We have been blessed with an empathetic young girl who is an old soul with a unique, albeit simplistic, understanding of the complexities of the world. And she love superheroes. She is a big fan of Spiderman, Captain America, She-Ra, He-Man, and Superman. She is fascinated by Batman (although we’ve agreed that he is a hero but not a superhero because he does not have superpowers), thinks the Joker is silly and bad, confused by Catwoman, and wants to fight the good fight. We watch all of the old cartoon on Netflix and borrow comic books and graphic novels from the library. In fact, her sixth birthday party was superhero-themed complete with homemade capes and Ironman paper plates.

Now I admit that we share a connection over this love because I am a bit of a superhero buff. So, the hubs and I made the decision to see The Avengers and after skimming some online reviews on different parenting sites, agreed that The Tornado would love it as well. Tonight, we went to see The Avengers and I am SO happy that we did. Here’s why:

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